Run A Marketing or Web
Dev Agency?

We Can Help You Provide Stellar Conversational
Experiences For Your Clients

We can help you grow your agency into new revenue streams using our technology. As we move further into a world of ‘conversational commerce’ you cannot afford to miss out on the additional opportunities this offers to you, your clients and their end customers. Simply choose from one of our programmes and we’d be delighted to discuss this in more detail with you.

Konversable Certified Partner Programme

Our certified partner programme gives you exclusive access to our branding and collateral so that you can promote your services whilst giving your clients comfort that their chatbot has been created and developed by our expert team. This means you can focus on adding value to your clients in the areas you are the expert in whilst we do the chatbot stuff!

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White Label Programme

If you are a marketing agency or technology provider and you are looking to expand your toolkit, we can provide you with a fully fledged white labelled system to allow you to sell our technology under your own brand. As part of this, we can:

  • Assign templates to your account for your customers to use
  • Assign custom payment plans with associated features depending on what you wish to offer
  • Give you a dedicated agency portal where you can easily manage all of your clients from one place
  • Set up a dedicated sign-up & login page with your branding and within your domain
  • Provide you with full training and support to help you onboard clients
  • Create a white labelled mobile App for your clients to use

Generate an additional and incremental revenue and profit stream for your business by “owning” a tailor made chat solution for your customers”

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