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  • Select a plan
  • Choose from our suite of pre-built templates or start with a blank canvas
  • Enter your business information with ZERO coding (and ZERO building if you are using a template!)
  • Install onto your site with 1 line of code and integrate into your Facebook Messenger page in just a few clicks

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on your needs and goals.

Understanding your challenges and your environment in order to provide a solution that will optimize
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Key Features

Website chatbot

Create a fully branded chatbot for your website to greet customers, answer frequent questions, capture leads, pre-qualify prospects and more. Use one of over 50 templates depending on your use case.

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Live chat

Our sophisticated live chat system allows you to set up teams/departments, set availability on a timer, and manage all web, Messenger and WhatsApp live chats in one place. You can also send and receive rich media over live chat, set up quick replies, and see what page your customers are on when they start chatting, pre-arming your team to make the conversation more relevant.

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Facebook Messenger integration

Did you know over 1.3 billion people are using Facebook Messenger every month? With just a couple of clicks, we can integrate your bot into Facebook Messenger, giving you an automated presence on this channel.

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WhatsApp integration

Integrate into the world’s most popular social messaging app and communicate with your customers using a combination of automation and live chat across your whole business.

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Pro-Active Messaging

Get your website bot to push a specific message to website visitors depending on the page they visit.

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QR Code Creator

Create QR codes that can point users to specific flows within your website or Facebook Messenger bot. Use these on marketing collateral to drive traffic to your bot and increase enquiries.

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Facebook Comment-to-Bot

Automate a direct message from your Messenger bot to customers who comment on your Facebook posts. Creating high visibility with over 90% open rate on messages, increasing conversions on whatever action you want your customers to take.

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Facebook Ad Linking

Direct a customer from a Facebook Ad into your Messenger bot and automate their journey to increase conversions at scale

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Multi-channel selection

Give your customers the option of communicating with you on the channel of their choosing by allowing them to connect with your bot, live chat, Messenger or WhatsApp channel from one widget.

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Unlock powerful integrations using our Open API, Zapier and Google Analytics integrations. Our team can also custom-build integrations for more complex projects.

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Google Analytics

Integrate into Google Analytics to monitor conversions

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Review chat histories & leads across all channels. You can even see how many times people are clicking buttons within your bot to optimise which flows are working best.

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Mobile App

Download our mobile app (available on iOs or Android), manage live chat from your smartphone and be notified of leads as they come in.

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Embed rich media such as video into your chat journeys, increasing trust and engagement from your chat users. Your customers are also able to respond via video and other forms of media, providing you with powerful insights into what your customers want. Create automated job interviews, video customer testimonials, pre-diagnosis of product / health issues, video sales funnels and more.

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Our Solutions


Simple to set up, low cost and powerful. Use a template appropriate to your business, complete some basic details and give your business the ability to capture leads 24/7, offer live chat and integrate into your Facebook Messenger page in a just few clicks. No coding required!

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Our expert team can customise a bespoke chatbot for your unique business requirements.

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Generate additional revenue for your business by taking advantage of our White Label program or signing up as a Total Chatbots Certified Partner.

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Why We Do

Did you know that the top 4 messaging apps now have more daily active users than the top 4 social media apps globally? In fact, 4.1 billion people are now using messaging apps globally, compared to just under 3 billion for social media.

4.1 billion users

Here are some other facts

  • More than 41% of customers expect to chat on your website (source: Forrester)
  • 42% of customers prefer web chat compared to just 23% for email and 16% for social media (source: JD Power)
  • 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer chat support (source: CrazyEgg)
  • 79% of businesses said that implementing chat on their website increased customer loyalty, sales and revenue (source: Kayako)
  • Visitors that engage with you via web chat are worth 4.5 times more than visitors that don’t (source: ICMI)
  • 79% of customers say they prefer web chat versus other contact methods

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