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We don’t believe in limiting what you can do with your chatbot through complex paid tiers. That’s why with one simple monthly payment, you get access to ALL of our chatbot building features.

  • Website Chatbot
  • Live Chat backup
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  • Integrations
  • Chat History
  • Analytics


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  • We pride ourselves on taking a high-touch approach with our SME, Enterprise & Agency services.
  • And because every business and project is different, our prices vary accordingly.
  • One thing we guarantee is a fair and transparent price for a chatbot that will deliver on your organisation’s goals.
  • Enquire Now and we’d be happy to have a chat to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Pricing Frequently Asked

Q. When will I be billed?

Billing starts the day after your 14-day free trial has expired and recurs on the same day of each subsequent month.

Q. What Will I Be Billed?

You will be billed £25 on the date of each month that your paid plan started. So if you started being billed on the 13th of the month, this is when you will be billed for each subsequent month. Your bill will consist of your plan payment for the following month.

Q. Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes we do! Our affiliate partners are earning up to 20% commission for all paid members that they refer who sign up to our platform. You can be one too!

Q. Can I Cancel My Plan?

Yes you can cancel your plan at any time as we do not lock our self-build clients into a contract.