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Our Products

We understand that every business has their own requirements in terms of functionality and budget.

That’s why we aim to offer a chatbot solution that fits perfectly depending on your needs.

Have a look below to see
what we offer


If you are looking for a low-cost option, build a bot yourself using our easy to use chatbot builder. Start your 14-day Free Trial today!

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Select the chatbot that best fits the industry you operate in. Our team will then customise your bot for your specific business.

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Our expert team can customise a bespoke chatbot for your unique business requirements.

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Generate additional revenue for your business by taking advantage of our White Label program or signing up as a Total Chatbots Certified Partner.

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Our Platform

The large majority of our chatbots are built using our proprietary
software platform. Because of this, we can design exactly what you
need, without compromise.

Here are some of the key features
of our platform

Website Chatbot

Build and install a chatbot on your website to greet customers, answer queries, capture leads, pre-qualify prospects and more. We can customise your chatbot widget to fit perfectly with your website.

Live Chat Backup

We believe in giving both you and the customer the widest possible choice. That’s why we have a built-in Live Chat back up system if your customers need to speak to a human. We can set this up to only operate at certain times of day, so if you want to have a relaxing evening, the chatbot can pick up the work! We have also built in mobile & desktop push notifications so that no chat gets missed.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Did you know over 1.3 billion people are using Facebook Messenger every month? With just a couple of clicks, we can integrate your bot into Facebook Messenger, giving you an automated presence on this channel with all the functionality of your website bot, and more.

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We can pull or push relevant data to or from your systems, providing seamless integration across your systems, taking your customer’s experience to the next level without burdening you with additional admin.

Chat History

Review the chat history of all of your prospects and clients, so you can see what they are asking and help you to address their pain points.


Have access to our full analytics dashboard so you can see how many chats you’ve had, what forms people have completed and who has subscribed to your bot.