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Introducing MediaFlow – Our latest feature that embeds rich media such as video into your chat journeys - Find Out More Here

Introducing MediaFlow - a first in online chat

  • Increase conversions with engaging automated video journeys
  • Users can respond via video to increase insight
  • Integrates across web, FB Messenger and WhatsApp
  • 30 day free trial
  • Free 20 minute on-boarding call to get you up and running instantly
  • Available on all plans for a limited time only

MediaFlow – a new era of chat

MediaFlow is a game-changer in the world of online chat.

Using our unique MediaFlow technology, you are able to embed video or audio as well as images & text into your chat widget.

By combining this with different flows, you can direct users down different paths to watch subsequent videos that relate to the areas that they are interested in.

And it gets better…your users can also respond to your MediaFlows via different media such as video, audio, images and of course, text. All of these responses can be viewed within your account, giving you powerful insights over standard text responses.

MediaFlow works alongside our current technology, so you can incorporate this into a fully branded website widget, include optional live chat, and in combination with our growth tools such as our QR code creator, to directly lead customers into specific parts of your chat widget.

Finally MediaFlow also integrates seamlessly across Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp* so you can run these across the world’s most powerful social messaging apps!

Why is MediaFlow so Powerful?

Today’s modern consumer LOVES video. We only have to look at the growth of video-first tools such as TikTok and Zoom to know that video is one of the most popular ways to engage users.

In fact, research has shown that having video on your website can increase conversions by up to 80%.

By including video within your chat solution, you are increasing trust and engagement for people visiting your site. In addition to this, dwell time increases and bounce rate reduces (both key metrics for website visitor performance). This ultimately means a better user experience and a higher likelihood of them using you over a competitor.

In addition to this, by giving your users the ability to respond via video (and other media types), you are allowing them to interact with your business on a much more personal level. This can ultimately improve their overall experience with your business (see some use cases below as to why), whilst giving you the best possible insight into what your customers are looking for.

Use Cases for MediaFlow

The possibilities of MediaFlow are endless, however below are a few use-cases that this could be used for:

Video Welcome Message – greet customers to your site using a short and snappy video that humanises your brand, increasing trust, dwell time and engagement with your website visitors

Sales lead qualification – introduce you and your business via video and ask your customers to respond with their needs. Capturing their responses on video immediately gives you unique insight into their needs that could not otherwise be captured with text.

Video customer testimonial – create a flow to capture a video customer testimonial that could be used as part of your social media activity. Generate a QR code or Wildcard that takes your customers to a specific flow where they can submit their customer testimonial for you to use (with their consent of course!)

Automated video job interview – embed your widget on a recruitment landing page and set up an automated video job interview where your applicants can answer pre-recorded interview questions via video.

Reporting product faults – allow your customers to report an issue with their purchase over video, allowing your team to quickly identify the fault and pre-diagnose any issues. Your customer responses are far more detailed and insightful than a vague text response, meaning a more efficient outcome.

Reporting a medical condition – allow your customers to respond with a video reporting a medical condition such as a rash, dental issue or other health related issue. Again using video, there may be a quicker route to pre-diagnosis compared to a text based response.

Product videos based on user requirements – allow customers to navigate different paths depending on their preferences, and present them with a video of your recommended product. This could be combined with a URL to take them to the shopping page of your e-commerce site for example, so they can quickly purchase the product of their choosing.

Influencer product marketing – allow users to interact with influencers at scale and make it feel like every interaction is personal and unique to them. Influencers can pre-record different journeys and embed them into MediaFlows so that users can discover different journeys depending on their own responses.

Video ‘How to’ Guides – build in simple ‘how to’ guides for different query types and either connect these with buttons in your MediaFlow or have them trigger from Wildcards (questions that your customers may ask containing specific keywords).

How Much Does it Cost?

This is probably the best news of all. We have not (yet!) restricted the number of videos (and other media) you can embed within your chat widget. Nor have we restricted (yet!) the number of videos your users can respond with.

Sign up to one of our plans by tapping the button below and take advantage of our 30-day free trial.


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